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In today’s world where everything is getting digital and electronic, No business can exist and expand without having a digital identity of it. The digital identity is a must in current digital world and this has become as necessary as having business card, product brochure etc. Same goes for the Real Estate segment also and this is true for each and every real estate dealer and agent.

The most basic form of digital identity for any organization is having a website. A website is a digital interface of any business to the whole world. It tells the world about the business, it approach, its customers, its work, the owners / partners / executives etc. With a website of any business house in place, all the key and needed information can be shared to each and every one who wants to know about the organization.

Hindustan Property is providing a wonderful solution to all the registered property agents and dealers by providing a customized website to them for their business. There are multiple templates of the websites from which the dealers can select their design for their website. This website is tightly integrated with Hindustan Property portal and flows the data from portal.

Benefits of Dealer Website

  • Digital Identity
  • The website provided to property dealers by Hindustan Property give them a digital identity and make them compatible with the digital world.

  • 24X7 Available
  • With a website in place, the property dealer becomes accessible round the clock any day – any time to its customers or promising leads. S/he doesn’t need to be physical available to all its customers or prospects.

  • Globally Accessible
  • The reach of the property dealer goes beyond boundaries as a website makes the dealer available and accessible across the globe. People from any corner of the world can get in touch with the dealer for his services.

  • Broadcast Your Services
  • A website is an excellent platform for the property dealer to showcase and broadcast its services to all the visitors and customers of the website. With this, the visitors of the website will come to know the services of the dealer and opt it.

  • Showcase Your Properties
  • The website will also allow the property dealers and agents to showcase their properties to the customers and visitors of website. As this website will be tightly integrated with Hindustan Property Portal, all properties listed on the portal will also be available on dealer’s website.

  • Much More
  • Various other features which are extremely powerful and helpful to the property dealers and their real estate business come with a property dealer’s website.

How to get a Dealer Website from Hindustan Property

  • Register on www.hindustanproperty.com
  • The property dealer needs to register himself on the Hindustan Property portal by providing basic information. The registration will open an account of the property dealer through which he can work on the portal.

  • Profile Update
  • The dealer needs to update his profile and put all the relevant details as address, contact details etc in his profile to move further to get his dealer website. Filling all the detail related to the dealers profile is necessary.

  • Request for Make My Portal
  • To get its website, dealer first needs to make a request to Hindustan Property. On receiving the request from the dealer, Hindustan Property team verifies the request and confirms it. On confirmation, the work on providing a website to property dealer starts.

  • Update Details
  • With approval of request from Hindustan Property, the property dealer is given facility to update the details in its account which will be made available on his website. Details will entered for sections like About Us, Contact Us, Testimonials, Customer etc.

  • Get your Website
  • Once these details are filled by customers and verified by Hindustan Property, we will provide a website to the dealer which will be deployed for him by us. There are different dynamic and attractive themes of the website and we will provide most fitting theme to the dealer.

How Can We Help?

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