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HindustanProperty.com is an online property portal that provides for property services relating to buy/sell/rent of property-both commercial and residential. The use of this website is subject to compliance with the terms and conditions mentioned below.

Please read the terms and conditions properly before using HindustanPorperty.com website. By accessing or using the website and its services, you agree to the terms and conditions mentioned below and are bound by the same. If you do not agree to all or some of the terms and conditions, kindly do not access the website. In case of any queries about the same, kindly contact us.

Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions may be amended or modified any time without any prior notification. Such terms and conditions should be immediately effective upon posting on the website. We request the users to review the modified terms and conditions periodically before using the website. This would make you aware of the modifications and ease the access to the website for continuous usage. Your access to the website after posting the modified terms and conditions would be a proof that you have read and accepted the modified terms and conditions. Hindustan Property holds the authority to suspend some or all of the operations of the website for support and technical up gradation, content up gradation as well as maintenance work, if any.

Any inconsistent usage of the website with respect to the mentioned terms and conditions would result in termination of access, blocking of future access and/or seek any relief under certain circumstances of inappropriate usage as it may be deemed proper.

Listings-Submission and Administration

submitting any property descriptions need to follow certain norms and conditions to fulfil the property submission criteria.

  • Any customer who posts any property details for selling/renting, must post the full description of the property including any photographs, financial, contact and other information related to the property

  • The customer needs to acquire complete rights and authorizations regarding such property from the owner or the power-of-attorney holder concerning posting of photographs, publishing and advertising of property etc.

  • The customer must include all the material information with respect to the property including the nature of the property, present status as well as whether the property is free from any hindrances or not.

  • The customer shall provide with brief history/background of the property with respect to the title, ownership statues and possession. Hindustan Property may require the customer to sign an affidavit supporting his claims stating the authenticity of the information provided by him.

  • The website, may also, without any knowledge to the customer, search for and remove such property listings that appear to be submitted in violation of the terms and conditions.

  • Any customer who allegedly or repeatedly violates this agreement with the website shall have their account terminated and services refused by the website authorities.

  • The customer agrees to allow the download, search, display, access, copy or any other action of the property listing by the users of the website.

  • The website authorities shall have the sole discretion as to how the property listing would be searched, accessed, displayed, downloaded or copied on the website and shall have full right to modify the property listing as per will.

  • The customer warrants that all the information regarding the property provided by him is accurate and true to his knowledge.

  • The customer shall agree that the property listing shall not be posted on the website under any other name except the name of the real estate manager or a person duly authorised by the owner of the property to do so.

  • Hindustan Property accepts no responsibility for verifying/checking the accuracy of the property information/ data posted on the website. Customers will be solely responsible for verifying the details of the property listed before buying/renting any property through our website.

Intellectual Property Rights

All logos, brands, service and trademarks appearing on the website are the properties of the website authorities-whether owned or used under license. The access to the website does not give the customers the license to use these marks in any respect. The use of these marks in any form or manner is strictly prohibited and violation of any of the above would constitute for an offence under the prevailing laws of the land.

Hindustan Property respects the Intellectual Property Rights of all and shall continue to adhere to as before, the laws applicable in India in this respect. The website authorities shall respect and protect the intellectual property rights of its users as well as third parties to the best of its ability. In case of any infringement in this regard by any users, the website authorities are free to terminate the agreement forthwith without any prior notice to the user.

Third party website links

Hindustan Property may provide links to other third party websites and resources. The website however does not hold any representation for the said third party links that the customers accesses through our website.

Disclaimer and Warranties

Hindustan Property is an online property portal. All information and content displayed on the website is provided ‘as in’ and on ‘as available’ basis. The website does not hold any warranties or representation of any kind. The website or any of its third parties providing materials, services or information on the website disclaims all warranties, whether implied or express.

Any views expressed by any user are of their own. Hindustan Property does not support or endorse any of them and shall not be held responsible for the same. Although every attempt is made to ensure the information and content displayed on the website is accurate, any claim regarding the accuracy of such content will not be entertained by the website. It is the complete responsibility of the customer to verify and evaluate the accuracy and usefulness of such information or services provided on the website.

Hindustan Property does not recommend any product or service mentioned on the website. Any investments, projects and dealings shall be the sole responsibility of the users.


Unauthorised use of any material or information as well as submission of any such material may be in violation with the copyright laws, laws of privacy and publicity trademark laws and certain regulation or other applicable laws of the state. The customer is solely responsible for his/her actions.

Limitation of Liability

Hindustan Property shall not be responsible for any damages arising out of any kind of use or inability to use the website or its contents and links. The damages might include but may not be limited to any errors, omissions, transmission or operation delay, interruptions, defects, computer virus or line failure, theft or destruction, unauthorised access or alteration to the customer’s data/information.

Privacy Policy

Users of this website are subject to Hindustan Property’s privacy policy.


Any dispute arising between user/users of the website with connection to the website’s matter, validity, implementation, interpretation or breach of any provision in the agreement shall be referred to a solitary Arbitrator who shall be an independent, third party identified by the website authorities. Decision of the arbitrator shall be final and binding upon the two or more parties involved in any dispute. The Arbitration & Conciliation Act 1996 shall govern the proceedings under the laws pertaining to the state.

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